How To Recover Data From Lost iPhone/ iPod/ iPad

 There are people who still do not have any idea, how to recover data from lost iPhone, especially the contacts present in it when it was stolen. The solution is to recover the backed up data from the iTunes or iCloud. If you have backed up your data in iTunes or iCloud account, it becomes easy to extract it in future. The data which include the contacts, SMS, photos, videos always stays in the cloud for your future use if you had backed up the data of your data when you were using it.

Recover Data From Lost iPhone

How To Recover Data From Lost iPhone

If you stay worried about losing data if your iPhone gets stolen, then you will have to do one thing. Before you start using iPhone go to the settings of phone, turn on the option to recover data from iPhone. If it is backed up in the cloud storage, even the phone is not in your hand or it is theft, or you can use a third-party app for the extraction of the backed up data from the iCloud or from the iTunes. iPhone data recovery is a highly recommended application for this particular task.

Through this, you can extract all your lost contacts, and other useful data or you can also extract data selectively like for instance you can only extract the data which you need and leave the ones you do not need. You can also use iOS data recovery tool to extract data like photos, videos, contacts, messages, and others from iPhone. Before start the steps of recovering data from lost iPhone you need to download and install the tool for PC.

Recover Data From iPhone

Steps To Recover Data From Lost iPhone

  1. Start scanning to find the iPhone backed up data. Find exactly where your data is stored. Now start syncing your iPhone with iTunes quickly or else new data will overlap the old data, and you will never be able to recover your lost data. Select your​iPhone model after running the iPhone recovery. Select the mode which says “Recover from iTunes Backup File. You will get the data with all the required information like the device name, serial number and sync. You can again start scan to the recover each and every data present in the iTunes or in the iCloud.
  1. After the scan is over you will find that you have restored all your backed up data. Now you have access from the camera roll, photo stream, contacts, messages, calendar, notes, and videos.
  1. If you have other iOS devices you can sync iTunes with them so that you can use your old data. You can easily save the recovered on your computer as well to stop the hassle of recovering the data of your iPhone get lost or get stolen.

Final Words

You will be able to recover your complete data including contacts by following the above mentioned steps. If you also have photos, videos and other personal files then they will also recover. It is always recommended to store less downloaded videos and movies on your iOS device.

I hope you found the above tutorial useful. If you have any suggestions or queries you can write down below in comments section and I will try my best to reply.

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